Super fast skyscraper building – Made in China

Tallest uninhabited building in Central Europe abandoned in 1989.

Here in Hungary, the building industry is stagnating a bit. Near where I park my car there is a massive hole in the ground overshadowed by two cranes which haven’t moved for the last year.  On the edge of the pit, there is a billboard proclaiming the development of some super efficient eco-friendly apartments with the completion date of about a year ago.  Ironically right next door there is the so-called ‘magasház’, (tall house) which is infamous in Pécs, in fact is in the Guiness Book of Records, as being tallest uninhabitable building in Central Europe.  The 25 storey building was condemned in 1989 after engineers found that the high tensile cables holding together the steel-reinforced concrete panels were corroding, which resulted in the evacuation of all 250 apartments.  Now, it is a bit of a white elephant hanging around the necks of the local government.

So in contrast, I was interested to come across the following video show the rapid erection of a 30 storey hotel in China in 15 days.  As the video shows, the result is a completely finished hotel, complete with tiled floors, beds, electricity, plumbing, etc.  All that is missing is the vacancy sign out the front.  This building is said to be earthquake-proof up to 9 on the Richter scale,  5 times more efficient than a conventional building due to the 15 cm insulation, 4 layers of glazing and unique ventilation systems which improve air quality.

Note that for some reason, the video below is repeated so it is really only 3 minutes long.

Video source: Different Energy on Youtube

As for the ‘magasház’ in Pécs.  I have an idea, make the neighbouring hole next to it a bit bigger and dynamite it into it.

Photo: Ervin.Guth on Flickr

What would you do with the ‘Magasház’?  Leave your ideas in the comments below.


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